Anatomy and Physiology is designed to build on a student's knowledge base of high school biology, focusing on the physical makeup of the human body.   This in-depth study will introduce homeschoolers to the intricate network of systems that enable humans to move, filter out unwanted materials, think, and maintain health.   We will study body tissue, the integumentary system, the skeletal and muscular systems, the digestive and urinary systems, and much more.   This course is recommended for homeschool students who wish to launch a lifelong career in medicine or healthcare.     

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

  2: Cells

  3: Tissues of the Body

  4: Tissues of the Body

  5: Integumentary System

  6: Integumentary System

  7: Skeletal System

  8: Skeletal System

  9: Skeletal System

10: Muscular System

11: Muscular System

12: Digestive System

13: Digestive System

14: Digestive System

15: Digestive System

16: Review

17: Respiratory System

18: Respiratory System

19: Respiratory System

20: Respiratory System

21: Urinary System

22: Genital (Reproductive) System

23: Genital (Reproductive) System

24: Cardiovascular System

25: Cardiovascular System

26: Cardiovascular System

27: Cardiovascular System

28: Endocrine System

29: Endocrine System

30: Nervous System

31: Nervous System

32: Nervous System

33: Nervous System

34: Senses

35: Senses

36: Final  

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