In Physical Science, homeschoolers will gain a foundational knowledge of how nonliving things make up the universe in which we live.  We will study an introduction to geology, examine the relationship between the tides and the orbit of the moon, how the forces of gravity, momentum, and gravity affect physical matter.  Homeschool students will study massive celestial bodies and unseen subatomic particles.  We will shift our focus to waves, light, sound, magnetism, and electricity at the end of the year.  This course will prepare students for upcoming science courses such as physics and chemistry.    

Course Outline:

  1: An Introduction to Scientific Procedures

  2: An Introduction to Matter

  3: Changing States of Matter

  4: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

  5: Motion and Acceleration

  6: Friction and Force

  7: Inertia, Momentum, and Gravity

  8: Tides and Orbits

  9: Circular Forces and Motion

10: Forces in Fluids

11: Energy

12: Work and Power

13: Simple Machines

14: Our Solar System

15: The Universe

16: Atoms

17: Atomic Structure

18: Periodic Table

19: Bonding

20: Chemical Reactions

21: Acids and Bases

22: Carbon

23: Atomic Energy

24: Electricity

25: Static Electricity

26: Magnetism

27: Current

28: Electricity

29: Wave Properties

30: Sound 1

31: Sound 2

32: Speed of Light and X-Rays

33: Light Properties

34: Waves, Light, Color

35: Final Review

36: Final Exam

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