This Life Science course is designed to prepare middle school homeschoolers for upcoming high school science courses such as biology and anatomy and physiology.  Students will become comfortable exploring plant and animal cells using a microscope and other tools.  We will delve underneath the earth to view a whole new world of microorganisms buzzing with activity underneath our feet.  We will study different families of animals and a basic overview of human anatomy.  Homeschoolers will love exploring the natural world and learn much about the worlds of life that we cannot see with the naked eye.   

Course Outline:

  1: The Study of Life Science

  2: The Nature of Matter in Living Things

  3: What Microscopes Reveal

  4: Animals Cells

  5: Plant Cells

  6: Algae and Hydra

  7: A Life in the Soil

  8: Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals

  9: Vascular and Nonvascular Plants

10: Kingdom Protista

11: Insects 1

12: Insects 2

13: Plant Systems

14: Food

15: Communities

16: Earth Effects

17: Adaptations

18: Midterm Exam

19: Life Cycles

20: Experiments and Activities

21: A Look at Ourselves

22: Circulation

23: Digestion

24: Lung, Kidney, and Skin Functions

25: The Brain

26: Functions

27: The Senses

28: Body

29: Inside

30: Procreation

31: Reproduction

32: Variations in Genetics

33: Natural Selection and Genetics

34: Nature

35: Natural Developments

36: Final Exams

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