Middle school Earth Science will give homeschoolers a basic understanding of how nonliving things work together to facilitate the cycle of life that exists among the waters, skies, mountains, and valleys of earth.  Homeschoolers will study the planet earth itself as well as celestial bodies that rotate and revolve along with our planet.  We will study such disparate phenomena as glaciers, volcanoes, and hurricanes.  This course will serve as a foundation for more advanced high school courses that will explain the unseen forces that cause the events that are studied in middle school Earth Science.   

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction

  2: Earth Basics

  3: Maps

  4: Earth and the Universe

  5: Earth and the Sun

  6: Solar Energy

  7: Sun and Earth

  8: Moon and Earth

  9: Earth Solar System 1

10: Earth Solar System 2

11: Cosmic Events

12: Earth Atmosphere 1

13: Earth Atmosphere 2

14: Earth Natural Elements

15: Weathering

16: Earth Interior 1

17: Earth Quakes

18: Volcanoes

19: Earth Interior 2

20: Inner Atmosphere

21: Climate

22: Clouds and Precipitation

23: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Thunderstorms

24: Groundwater

25: Water Cycle

26: Glaciers

27: Atmosphere and Radiation

28: Dynamics of Our Universe

29: Earth Today

30: Earth Conservation

31: Earth Ecology

32: Earth Dynamics

33: Earth Science Review

34: Earth Science Review

35: Earth Science Review

36: Final Exam

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