In Science 5, students will get a foundational look at the sciences of chemistry, biology, and physics.  This preliminary course will engage homeschoolers with information about how electrons, neutrons, and protons make up atoms, which make up molecules, which make up elements, which in turn make up every living and nonliving thing in existence.  Homeschool students will then take a look introductory biological functions and finally at how basic physical forces like gravity manipulate physical things.  This course will serve as a vital background for upcoming middle school science courses. 

Course Outline:

  1: Atoms

  2: Molecules

  3: Introducing Matter

  4: States of Matter

  5: The Wonderful World of Cells

  6: The Incredible Cell

  7: Chemistry 101

  8: Chemistry 101

  9: Atoms, Radiation, Uranium

10: The Human Body

11: The Body's Systems

12: The Body's Systems II

13: Growth

14: Heredity

15: Animal Groups

16: The World of Plants

17: Farming

18: Fossils

19: The Ocean

20: The Ocean Floor

21: Ocean Life

22: Water for Tomorrow

23: Rocks & Minerals

24: Rocks & Minerals Test; Caves

25: Volcanoes

26: Important Metals

27: Natural Resources

28: The Wind & The Weather

29: Extreme Weather

30: Exploring

31: Exploration

32: Navigation

33: Navigation II

34: Sound

35: Pitch & Frequency

36: Light Waves

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