In Science 4, homeschoolers will begin the year with an examination of our solar system.  They will learn about the earth's orbit around the sun, the moon's orbit around the earth, and the seven planets with which we share our solar system.  After this engaging study, homeschool students will move on to an analysis of different biomes and ecosystems that allow the endless variety of living organisms to coexist in an unending circle of life.  Throughout this course, we will reinforce the belief that our natural resources need to be maintained and cared for in order to support human and animal life on the earth.  

Course Outline:

  1: The Solar System I

  2: The Solar System II

  3: The Solar System III

  4: The Earth I

  5: The Earth II

  6: The Earth III

  7: The Air

  8: The WeaTher

  9: The Seasons

10: Ecosystems I

11:  Ecosystems II

12: Biomes I

13:  Biomes II

14:  Biomes III

15:  Biomes IV

16:  Nature - Introduction to Plants

17:  Plants - Annuals

18:  Plants - Perennials

19:  Nature - Introduction to Animals

20:  Animals - Insects

21:  Animals - Amphibians

22:  Animals - Reptiles

23:  Animals - Fish

24:  Animals - Birds

25:  Animals - Mammals Part I

26:  Animals - Mammals Part II

27: Animals Review, Assignments and Test

28:  Sounds I

29:  Sounds II

30:  Electricity I

31:  Electricity II

32:  Magnetism

33:  Cycles

34:  Chains

35: Course Review

36:  Our World Project

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