In Science 2, students will build on the knowledge base that they developed in the previous year to learn more complex information about the world around us.  Rather than learning about what we can touch and see, homeschoolers will focus on the unseen forces that cause natural everyday occurrences and begin to comprehend the basics of various laws of science.  Homeschool students will explore different ecosystems and animal habitats to gain a greater understanding of how different life cycles work. 

Course Outline:

  1: Solar System

  2: Stars

  3: Stars

  4: Sun

  5: Moon

  6: Moon

  7: Space Review

  8: Space Travel

  9: Space Travel

10: Space Travel

11: Space Travel

12: Weather

13: Weather

14: Water

15: Water

16: Water

17: Water

18: Plants and Water

19: Living Things

20: Animals

21: Animals

22: Animals

23: Animal Habitats

24: Animal Habitats

25: Fun with Animals

26: Introduction to Movement

27: Friction in Life

28: Friction Activities

29: Friction Review

30: Water Movement

31: Air Movement

32: Air Movement

33: Air Movement Review

34: Heat and Light

35: Electricity and Magnetism

36: Course Wrap-Up

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