Homeschoolers will love bringing the laboratory into their kitchens with The Cambridge Academy's high school chemistry course.  Throughout the year, students will discover the way matter interacts with various physical forces and changes state.  Through tests and fun experiments students will learn about the composition of subatomic, atomic, and molecular chemistry, discovering how electrons, neutrons, and protons dance in harmony to create elements.  Homeschool students will become familiar with the Periodic Table of the Elements, recognizing the molecular makeup of familiar household chemicals.  

Course Outline:

  1: The Study of Matter and Its Changes

  2: Oxygen

  3: Hydrogen

  4: Water

  5: Crystals, Variations, and Solubility

  6: Atomic Theory

  7: Electron Theory

  8: Covalent Bonds and Isotopes

  9: Atomic Energy

10: Valence and Reactions

11: Mathematical Chemistry

12: Chlorine

13: Acids, Bases, and Salts

14: Halogens

15: Sulfur 1

16: Sulfur 2

17: Nitrogen 1

18: Nitrogen 2

19: Carbon 1

20: Carbon 2

21: Fuel

22: Ionization

23: Sodium and Potassium Compounds

24: Calcium, Magnesium, and Aluminum

25: Zinc and Heavy Metals

26: Metals and Nonmetals

27: PreChemistry Equations

28: Thermochemistry

29: Reactions Math

30: Chemistry and Electricity

31: Reactions

32: Reactions

33: Chemistry and the origin of Earth

34: Review

35: Review

36: Final Exam

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