Science 1 will give homeschool students a basic understanding of the building blocks of life.  This class will prepare young homeschoolers for the next few years of scientific study.  Students will begin to understand how the intricate systems work together in harmony to maintain life.  Students will develop an appreciate for outer space, the weather, and animals.  The cycle of life is an abstract concept that will be brought to life through our unique multimedia curriculum.   

Course Outline:

  1: The Beginning of Earth

  2: The Beginning of Earth

  3: Space

  4: Stars

  5: Sun

  6: Moon

  7: Planets

  8: Earth

  9: Review Week

10: Seasons

11: Seasons

12: Introduction to Plants

13: Plant Structure

14: Plant Parts: A Closer Look

15: Plant Parts: A Closer Look

16: Importance of Plants

17: Plant Needs: A Closer Look

18: Plant Review

19: Introduction to Weather

20: Air and Wind

21: Clouds and Water

22: Extreme Weather

23: Weather Review

24: Introduction to Animals

25: Examining Animals

26: Mammals

27: Birds

28: Fish

29: Animal Review and Fun

30: Introduction to Marine Life

31: Marine Animals

32: Marine Animals

33: Marine Animals

34: Bug Life

35: Bug Life

36: Course Wrap-Up

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