Sociology, the study of human social behavior will give students a basic overview of how humans interact with one another and behave under given conditions.  Humans are quirky beings, and many devote their lives trying to get to the bottom of why humans do what they do.  We will discuss the history of sociological theories, social stratification, the development of sociological phenomena, and more.  This course will serve as an excellent background for those who wish to explore sociology, philosophy, teaching, psychology, economics, history, or any other subject dealing with human decision-making.  

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction & History

  2: Sociological Methods & Relationships

  3: Theories

  4: Personality Development & Self

  5: Socialization

  6: Culture

  7: More About Culture and Review

  8: Ethnocentrism

  9: Cultural Change and Diffusion

10: Test: Weeks 1-10

11: Society

12: Societal Development

13: States

14: Groups and Networks

15: Social Institutions

16: Politics

This course is currently under development.  The outline will be updated soon.  Thanks for your patience.

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