Our Introduction to Business course will provide homeschool students with an introduction to the inner workings of main business functions such as finance, marketing, management, investment, and more.  We will discuss how the different departments of a company work together in harmony to give consumers what they need, want, and desire.  Homeschoolers will learn how companies acquire and spend capital, expand their operations abroad, and develop new business.  We will also take a closer look at several case studies of many different businesses of various size to find out what makes businesses successful. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introducing Business

  2: Understanding Business

  3: Observing Business

  4: Performing Business

  5: Advertising

  6: Entrepreneurship

  7: Marketing

  8: Ecommerce

  9: Investing

10: Mercantile Capitalism

11: Industrial Capitalism

12: Industrial Capitalism

13: Financial Capitalism

14: Exceptional Business Practices

15: Managing

16: Management Development

17: Developing Managers

18: Business Communication

19: Business Schools

20: Miscellaneous Business

21: Case Studies: Local

22: Case Studies: Regional Successes

23: Cases Studies: National

24: Case Studies: International

25: Real Estate Development

26: The Business of Health Care

27: The Business of Government

28: International Marketing

29: The Business of Philanthropy

30: The NYSE and the NASDAQ

31: Branding

32: Women in Business

33: Business Plan Development

34: Miscellaneous Business II

35: Business Plan Development

36: The Future of Business

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