Driver's Education may be the most important course that your child can take.  Homeschoolers will learn basic safe driving techniques, common rules of the road, what to do in specific automobile emergencies, the elements of operating a vehicle, how to drive in different weather conditions, the basics of maintaining an automobile, and more.  Just because teenagers are able to pass a driver's test does not mean they are ready to take to the road.  Homeschoolers will gain the confidence and abilities they need to be safe on the road. 

Course Outline:

  1:  Introduction

  2:  Knowing Yourself

  3:  How You React

  4:  Knowing the Roads 

  5:  Knowing the Roads Part 2

  6:  Knowing the Laws Part 1

  7:  Knowing the Laws Part 2

  8:  Other Facets of Driving

  9:  Interacting with Other Drivers and the Road

10: Defensive Driving

11: Defensive Driving Continued

12: Seasons of Driving

13: Severe Weather Driving

14: Being a Safe Driver

15: Being a Safe Driver Part 2

16: Being a Safe Driver Part 3

17: What NOT to Do

18: Sharing the Road

19: Midterm Review and EXAM

20: Natural Laws and Their Effect on Driving

21: Encountering New Situations

22: Knowing Your Car- A First Look

23: Knowing Your Car Better

24: Knowing Your Car Even Better

25: Getting Going

26: Getting Experience Safely

27: The Official Process of Becoming a Driver

28: Buying A Car

29: Buying A Car - Part 2

30:  Auto Insurance

31: Responsibilities of Car Ownership

32: Dealing With Automobile Emergencies

33: What You Should Keep In Your Car

34: Easy Resources

35: Review, Final Exam

36: Course Conclusion

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