In Crime and Justice, homeschoolers will be given an introduction to the way our country deals with crime.  We will open our exploration of crime and justice with a discussion of different types of crime, from white collar crime to homicide.  We will then move into how crime is dealt with in a courtroom environment while learning about the role of judges, lawyers, juries, prosecution, and defendant.  Homeschoolers will obtain knowledge about common defenses that can be used to prevent the punishment of the innocent.  Crime and justice will serve as a fascinating introduction for those who wish to pursue a career in law or the police. 

Course Outline:

  1: What is Crime and Justice?

  2: Common Assault

  3: Simple Battery

  4: Robbery

  5: Kidnapping

  6: Types of Rape

  7: Sexual Assault

  8: Voluntary Manslaughter

  9: Culpable Homicide

10: Murder

11: Review: Part I

12: Types of Bribery

13: Perjury

14: Obstruction of Justice

15: Misprision of Felony

16: Inchoate offense

17: Conspiracy

18: Self Defense

19: Coercion

20: Mental Disorder Defense

21: Intoxication Defense

22: Nuremburg Defense

23: Idiot Defense

24: Defense of Property

25: Provocation

26: Procedural Defense

27: 5th Amendment Double Jeopardy

28: Selective Prosecution

29: Contact Law

30: Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts

31: Unjust Enrichment

32: Presumption of Innocence

33: What is a Lawyer?

34: Grand Jury

35: Grand Jury Facts

36: Review: Part II

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