Homeschoolers need to be especially mindful of how college admissions counselors evaluate the ability of students.  Each year, admissions departments become more familiar dealing with homeschoolers.  This course will help students find the perfect college, choose the right major, approach colleges with confidence in the interview and admissions process, deal with financial pressures, manage their time, and more.  Most importantly, students will learn valuable study skills to help them stay on top of their schoolwork.

Course Outline:

  1: Thinking About College

  2: Outside of the Classroom

  3: Decision-Making

  4: Admissions Essay

  5: Essay Writing

  6: Recruitment Materials

  7: Beginning the Process

  8: Financial Aid

  9: Details About Federal Funding

10: Your Major

11: What to Bring to College

12: What is College Success

13: "I Will Be Successful Entering College If I..."

14: Guide to College Success

15: Personal Responsibility and Academic Expectations

16: Campus Life

This course is currently under development.  The outline will be updated soon.  Thanks for your patience.

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