The Cambridge Academy's cinema history course will give students an introduction to the art form, elements of the medium, film-making theory, a study of film genres, and a history of the evolution of film.  Cinema History 6-12 will teach homeschoolers how to appreciate and critique movies as well as understand how leaps in technology, such as color, sound, and distribution, have affected the way we understand films.  Homeschoolers will love learning about their favorite movies while gaining the ability to place each film in a socio-cultural context.  We will round out the study with a lesson in how films are written, produced, directed, and edited. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Film

  2: Prior to Film

  3: Early Film

  4: Hollywood on the Rise

  5: Post-Classical Cinema

  6: The 70s, 80s, and 90s in Film

  7: The New Millennium continued

  8: The Independent Film

  9: Film Propaganda and Blockbusters

10: Basics of Film Theory

11: Filmmaking Technology

12: Editing Technology

13: The Film Set

14: Documentary Films

15: The Drama

16: The Comedy

17: Animation


19: Experimental Film

20: Cult Films

21: Action Films

22: Horror Films

23: The Western

24: Science Fiction

25: Musicals

26: Music Films

27: Soundtracks & 3rd Long Term Assessment

28: Italian Cinema

29: French Cinema

30: Russian Film

31: German Cinema

32: African, African-American and Third Cinema

33: Cinema of India

34: Cuban, Australian/New Zealand and Chinese Cinema

35: Christian Cinema


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