Today's job market is fierce, and homeschoolers need to have specific information to get an edge in hiring pools. Getting that first job requires more than the traditional high school courses such as science and math. This course is designed to give homeschoolers an edge over the competition through teaching such skills as resume writing, preparing for the job interview, workplace etiquette, searching for the perfect job, and more. After taking this course, homeschool students will be comfortable conducting themselves before and after landing that first job. Career Prep will help homeschoolers launch their career on the right foot.

Course Outline:

  1: Truths & Democracy

  2: Conscience & Truth

  3: Taking Advantage of High School

  4: Occupational Trends & Changes in Organizational Beliefs

  5: Job Types & Categories, Interests

  6: What you Want, Surveying for Work & Automation

  7: Self Assessment & Abilities

  8: Abilities

  9: Research, Interviews & Shadowing

10: Test Weeks: 1-10

11: Importance of Attitude

12: Goal Setting

13: Networking

14: How Am I Doing? Paper Assignment

15: Cover Letter

16: Cover Letter Writing

This course is currently under development.  The outline will be updated soon.  Thanks for your patience.

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