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The Cambridge Academy Homeschooling
Homeschool Education with Cambridge
One of the characteristics that parents love about homeschooling is its flexibility. Whatever the parents' needs, our online home school program will fit just right. The Cambridge Academy can be divided into four basic home school programs:

1. Full Time with Teacher Support

We recommend this to parents who are looking for the most comprehensive online home schooling package. Our full time online home school program allows homeschoolers to take six or more courses.

Most importantly, high school home school students will be able to earn an official diploma from The Cambridge Academy

2. Full Time without Teacher Support

This program provides the same full-time homeschool program as #1, but without help from our experienced, professional teachers. Parents receive Answer Keys and access to the teachers through the Message Board. Parents can ask the teacher a question on the Academy wide Message Board and a teacher from Cambridge will respond to the entire community the same day. Parents in this program are also responsible for grading their children's written papers.

3. Part Time with Teacher Support

This program is best for home school students who want to supplement an existing curriculum with a few extra classes, rather than replace the curriculum entirely. The student can choose any number of classes under six.
Part Time Requirements

4. Part Time without Teacher Support
This program offers the same online homeschool program as option #3, but without help from our experienced, professional teachers.
Part Time Requirements

5. Mixture
Let's say your child is a math whiz but struggles with reading. In this case, you may want to enroll your child in a Math course without teacher support, but enroll in a Language Arts course with teacher support. Your child can receive one-on-one help from our experienced teachers in only the necessary courses, saving you money and ensuring your child's academic success.
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