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We believe that a child's age does not always line up with his or her ability to complete certain coursework. Most schools refuse to address this issue and offer a "one size fits all" curriculum. As a result, those who struggle with the home study material get left behind, and those who are fast learners are stifled. In both cases, the student is cheated.

Our online education program is different. We have a "learn-at-your-own-pace" home study policy. This means that those who can easily run with the assigned coursework are not limited by the confines of their grade level. At the same time, those who need to devote more time to grasp tough concepts have the time and teacher help to do so. Consider the following:

Suzy Q. is a precocious 5th grade home-schooler with The Cambridge Academy. She rapidly devours novels and burns through her Language Arts coursework with ease. She reads twice as much as her older brother in half the time. However, Suzy struggles in her 6th Grade course. She has a hard time comprehending equations. She sometimes gets frustrated, but she takes her time. In fact, she sometimes spends three or four days on one home-school lesson. But that's OK! In fact, The Cambridge Academy home study program encourages Suzy to take her time. Her teachers help her out with the trickier problems and slowly but surely, she makes headway.

Meanwhile, Suzy has finished her Language Arts course with four months in the school year to spare! Rather than rest on her laurels, Suzy's mom signs her up for next year's Language Arts home study course. She finishes out the year with a decent understanding of all her classes. She could use some work in Math, but otherwise she's in good standing. She loves her home study program!

Fast forward through the summer. Suzy is in a bad way. She's started Pre-Algebra and she is really having a hard time with those equations! Should Suzy scrape by, barely understanding the material? Of course not! Suzy's mom decides to re-enroll Suzy in last year's 5th Grade Math course again. This time, Suzy reinforces her existing knowledge of Math and gets stellar grades. She'll be ready for Pre-Algebra next fall, or maybe sooner!

With our online education program, home-schoolers and their parents are free to choose what grade level in which they'd like to enroll. If your home-schooler can handle more home study material or struggles with what he or she has chosen, feel free to switch to a higher or lower level. There are no extra fees for switching courses within the first 30 days of school. That first month trial period allows home-schooling parents to gauge their child's aptitude.
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