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Homeschooling Myths

1. Parents have to have a teaching degree to homeschool.

Nothing could be further from the truth! The Cambridge Academy's online homeschool program is specially designed for use in families with zero teaching experience. We offer homeschooling programs with or without help from our teaching staff. However, even if families opt to enroll in homeschooling programs that are not led by our teachers, they do not need any kind of teaching degree or certification to provide their children with a top-tier education.  We provide all of the tools you will need.

2. Homeschooled children are social misfits.

The Cambridge Academy provides children with a safe, monitored Social Center that allows homeschooling students to get to know their classmates from around the world. Secondly, our online homeschool encourages community involvement in local sports teams, scouting groups, and other clubs by requiring minimal time devoted to actual school work. By cutting out extraneous activities like study halls, lunch periods, and interstitial periods between subjects, our homeschool program makes it easy for our students to get involved with their peers in extra-curricular activities

3. All homeschoolers are religious fanatics.

Although many choose to homeschool online or offline for religious reasons, thousands of parents have chosen to pull their children out of the public school for other reasons, including the poor academic standards, irresponsible teachers, bullying, peer pressures, drug use, and more. Parents who wish to provide their children with a quality education free from these distractions have increasingly turned to homeschooling over the last few decades. Also, many parents of students with learning differences such as dyslexia or ADD are now homeschooling their children to give them a comfortable learning environment. Parents with gifted children who outstrip their classmates also choose to use our online home school to allow their children's curiosity and advanced abilities to run free.

4. I don't have time to home school my children.
Homeschooling online can be a time-intensive endeavor. However, with The Cambridge Academy homeschool program, parents have the option of accessing help from our professionally-trained teachers. These friendly people will be there throughout your school days to help your child with questions in the homework. Parents act more as a guide or facilitator than a teacher, ensuring that the child is in fact completing the work as needed. Our cyber school curriculum is designed so that students can work as autonomously as possible, requiring much less parental supervision than a regular home school program. This allows single-parent households and multiple-income households to homeschool online effectively.

5. Home schoolers can't get into college.
A few decades ago, college admissions counselors turned a suspicious eye to homeschoolers. They weren't quite sure what to do with them. Over time, homeschoolers proved to colleges that not only could they keep up with their peers, they outperformed them by a factor of twenty percent! As a result, most colleges today accept homeschoolers, with many going so far as to prefer them over public school graduates. Our online school makes it easy for students to approach colleges.

6. Students who earn credits online won't be able to transfer them to traditional high schools.
This unfounded assumption is held by some parents who only wish to homeschool for a few years. Because they are worried about getting back into the public school, they never leave it. Our cyber school offers credits that can should be easily transferred to and from most public and private schools.
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