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If a student attends The Cambridge Academy and chooses not to have teacher support, they are considered home school students and credits will not be awarded for the courses. They will not graduate from The Cambridge Academy, nor will credits be able to be transferred to another school. They will have to follow their own state's guidelines for acquiring a high school diploma.

If a student is enrolled in at least six full time courses with teacher support, they can receive a high school diploma from The Cambridge Academy. If their roster has less than six classes, they are considered part time and should transfer the credits to another school as they will not be able to graduate from our academy.

Students up to 18 years of age can earn a high school diploma from The Cambridge Academy by demonstrating they have fulfilled our high school graduation requirements. To obtain a standard high school diploma from The Cambridge Academy, students must successfully complete at least 24 credits of high school coursework.

If a student is planning on graduating from the Cambridge Academy, we will need to have a record of your previous schooling. This includes:

  • If a student has previously attended a public or private institution, they must submit an official transcript, which should include a signature and school seal.
  • If a student has previously attended a home school program such as The Jubilee Academy Home School Program, The Grace Academy Home School Program or others, they must submit a home school portfolio, documenting the student's grades, subjects, and attendance as well as provide examples of lessons, assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.

Standard Diploma: 24 Credits Required

It is your responsibility to choose appropriate courses! Please check the following chart.

English 4 Credits English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
College Writing and Vocabulary
Creative Writing
Christian Fantasy and Fiction
AP English Literature
AP English Language
Mathematics 4 Credits (MUST include Algebra and Geometry (PreAlgebra does not count as Algebra) Algebra 1 (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
Integrated Math
Algebra 2
Consumer Math
Science 3 Credits (MUST include Biology) Biology (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
Integrated Science
Forensics 1
Forensics 2
Human Anatomy and Physiology
AP Biology
Social Studies 4 Credits
Am. Gov.
US History
World History and
1. American Government (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
3. World History (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE), Global Studies, World Religions, or AP European History
4. US History or AP US History (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
Global Language Not required for high school diploma, but required for many colleges Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
French 1
French 2
AP French Language
Latin 1
Latin 2
German 1
German 2
Fine Art, Music and Technology 1 Credit Art and Music 9-12
Piano Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Digital Photography
Music Studio
Video Studio
Web Design
Media Arts
20th Century Music
History of Christian Music
Christian Symbolism in Fine Art
Music Business
Health and Physical Education 1 Credit (MUST take Health and PE 9-12 and prove 40 hours of PE - see below) Health and PE 9-12 (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
General Electives 5 Credits Psychology Sociology
Cinema History
Driver's Education
Personal Finance
SAT Preparation
College Preparation
Career Preparation
Crime and Justice
Culinary Arts
Power of Prayer
Christian Character
Christian Womanhood
Christian Manhood
Christian Evangelism
Christian Life Skills
Social Action
Bible 9
Bible 10
Bible 11
Bible 12
And any course taken in a core subject OVER the required credit amount (ex: If you take 5 English courses: 4 will count towards your English requirement, 1 will count as an Elective)
  • One credit will be awarded for each course that is completed correctly (all incomplete and incorrect work will earn a zero).
  • Home school students have the ability to work at their own pace throughout the school year.
  • A global language is not required, although many higher-level educational institutions require it for admission.
  • The Health and Physical Education credit requires the completion of forty (40) hours of an organized sport in addition to the completion of all online lessons in the Health course. To be awarded a complete credit for the year in the Health & Physical Education course, you must provide proof of the student's enrollment and participation in an organized sport of your choice by submitting a receipt of payment for the organized sport, class, etc. or a letter from the instructor or coach noting his/her participation and completion of 40 hours. The 40 required hours must be taken while enrolled in the Health and Physical Education course, or the course may be taken in the summer session following when the hours where completed. If this portion is not completed, the student will earn a half (.5) credit for Health and no credit for PE.


At any time parents may request their student's grades. Transcripts requested during an enrollment period will note the student's completion percentage. Transcripts requested at the conclusion of an enrollment period will contain a GPA. There is a $42.00 fee for a transcript.

Credits issued on a transcript can come from a variety of places. Credits transferred from another school or home school program to The Cambridge Academy will be listed on the transcript if deemed acceptable by our Registrar.

Please note: If your student transfers into us from another school or program, we cannot issue an official cumulative transcript until and unless we have received all transcripts from the other schools. In the case that records are missing, we will issue a transcript for the school years attended at The Cambridge Academy only.

Transcript Evaluations

After we receive your student's official transcript from your previous school(s) or your portfolio from your previous homeschool program(s), an evaluation is prepared. This document encompasses both the credits transferred to our academy, as well as the courses that are still necessary according to our high school graduation requirements. The evaluation will be emailed to the address we have on file for you for your personal records, while a copy will be stored in your student's file.

Each completed and passed, full-year course is given one (1) full credit. Semester courses are given a half (.5) credit.

The fees to transfer credits in to The Cambridge Academy are as such:

Public/Private School $15.00 each
Home school $27.00 each

Please note: It is very important to provide all previous school records to the Office of the Registrar, so that the student stays on track during their high school years. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact our Registrar by e-mail at

Attendance Requirements

Cambridge Academy students are expected to work diligently and consistently on their school work. The Cambridge Academy is registered in the State of Texas. As such we require all students (even if residing in another state) to fulfill Texas's Education Code Section 25.086 which requires that students complete the following amount of hours in a given school year:

  1. Kindergarten: Five hundred forty (540) net instructional hours.
  2. Grades 1-3: Seven hundred twenty (720) net instructional hours.
  3. Grades 4-12: Nine hundred (900) net instructional hours.

The Cambridge Academy considers "net instrucitonal hours" to be the sum of your logged Intructional Time as recorded in your timelog/gradebook plus your logged Joy Directed Activity time.

If a student does not meet these attendance requirements, they will not pass the grade and will be forced to repeat the grade level.

If medical or family issues arise that may cause the student to miss an extended amount of school, a letter must be emailed to The Cambridge Academy member services department ( with verification of the issue. All medical and family issues are handled on a case by case basis.

Home School Credit Transfer Requirements

Please click here for the guidelines on how to transfer credits from a home school using a portfolio. Our guidelines are laid out the document. Please contact us after reading the document if you have any additional questions. Please note that we require the Phys. Ed. portion of a transfer home school credit of Health and Phys. Ed. to include a 40-hour letter from a coach or log of Phys. Ed. activities completed. The activities must be completed within the same year of taking Health for your student to receive a transfer credit.

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