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The Cambridge Academy Homeschooling
Homeschool Education with Cambridge
The Cambridge Academy is built on four basic principles:

1. Academic Excellence

Our online home school curriculum is a world-class array of educational materials that will challenge students at any aptitude level. Where other programs provide little more than memorizing the bold print words for the test and endless vocabulary lists, our program is more about learning and growing than memorizing dates, names, and facts. Our online home school curriculum provides context that will tie those facts together. For instance, instead of memorizing the date of the American Revolution, they will understand the socioeconomic conditions that preceded it, the decisive battles that occurred as a result, and the effects of those divisive times on modern America.

2. Meeting Children Where They Are

Every child is has a unique learning style. Some are quick learners, pouring through books at a rapid pace. Others are critical thinkers who like to take a step back and consider all the options. Some prefer visual information and still others need to be guided step by step. The point is, psychological studies show that children learn differently. As a result, we have designed our online education to be as personalized as possible. Instead of churning out the same mass-produced program every year like the public school, our curriculum is dynamic, evolving and molding to fit the unique needs of each child.

3. An Affordable Solution

Not every family is able to send their children to a prestigious private school. Enrolling in these schools can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000 a year. By keeping costs so low, we are able to serve children who would otherwise be forced to continue their education in the stifling environment of the public school. We are passionate about providing parents with unparalleled service at an affordable price.

4. Progressive Presentation

Our online home school curriculum is not limited to textbooks and workbooks. We utilize an advanced array of multimedia technology that will engage the student. We believe that each child has a natural curiosity that must be cultivated and brought out. Rather than stifling that passion for learning through monotonous busy work and memorization, The Cambridge Academy allows the child's imagination to run free with educational adventures, eBooks, and more.
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