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Step #1 Select Your Courses

Roll over mouse on the LEFT of this page How to Select Courses. In the drop down, then click on "Courses By Grade Level" or "Courses by Subject".

Step #2. Add to Cart

When you have selected a course, click ADD TO CART. After clicking ADD TO CART, the course will appear in your Shopping Cart on the top right. You can add and remove courses at any time prior to Final Checkout. Courses stay in your Shopping Cart for 90 days or until register them or delete cookies.

Step #3 Click Checkout.

Provide shipping and billing information through our secure, private server. If you prefer not to enter billing information online or you prefer to pay by Money Order or Check, please enroll in your courses by calling us at (484) 383-3900.

Step #4 Start Course

Within 1 business day, we ship Course Materials & email your username/password to start courses. Please use a current email address that you check often so you can start your courses immediately.
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