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Mastering Math
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Welcome to Mastering Math 2!

Good morning students!  We hope you're ready for another year of fun and learning. 

This year we'll be digging deeper into mathematics so that you can gain a better grasp of how it all adds up.  This year we'll be checking out video and audio as well as interactive online and offline activities that will ensure that you have all you need to continue your success in mathematics. 

Feel free to take all the time you need to grasp each lesson.  It's important that you stay on track throughout the year so that you don't fall behind.  We'd rather you take an extra day or two to focus on a tricky lesson than bypass it so that you can move on to the next one.  Learning math is sequential.  That means that it's tough to learn lesson #2 when you don't quite understand lesson #1. 

Your assignments and lessons can be viewed in the column to your left.  Feel free to jump right in whenever you're ready! 

The Math Team

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Goals & Objectives

We'll be focusing on more advanced elements of fundamental mathematics.  Students will learn how to add and subtract higher numbers and learn about time, money, and shapes as well.

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