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It is important for you to learn about the way the United States government functions in order to become more informed voters and better citizens.  We will be studying the different branches, levels, decisions processes, and rights of our government.  Furthermore, homeschoolers will find out how their vote really does make a difference. 

American students have an obligation to learn about different elements of our local, state, and federal governments.  We'll be studying how the founding fathers integrated innovative principles into our governmental framework to keep one faction or special interest group from gaining too much power.  We'll follow the path that a bill must take in order to be passed or vetoed.  And of course, that's not all.  It's sure to be a fascinating year.

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Goals & Objectives

Throughout the year, we'll discuss the interplay between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, how votes are tallied among different states.  We will also take a closer look at how the media shapes popular opinion and the rights of the press during wartime.  You will love learning about how our government takes care of business. 

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