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Welcome Homeschooling Forensic Scientists!

We imagine that many of you came to this course after getting swept up in the CSI craze.  The popular TV drama has inspired many students to pursue this exciting career.  The TV show is heavily dramatized and doesn't necessarily paint a realistic picture of what it's like to work as a Crime Scene Investigator.  However, that doesn't mean that real forensics isn't fun and exciting in its own right.  Throughout the year, we'll be studying lots of fascinating techniques that real scientists use every day to solve crimes. 

We're enthusiastic about exploring this fascinating subject with our students.  We hope that you find Crime Scene Investigation to be as cool as we do. 

The Science Team

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Goals & Objectives

This year we'll be studying DNA profiling, fingerprinting, ballistics, evidence collection, and many more tactics that Crime Scene investigators use to solve a variety of crimes, such as burglaries and murders.  We'll study from famous cases to learn about how scientists were brought in to solve famous crimes when the police just weren't enough. 

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