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Exploring Science
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Below is a typical class announcement from the Academic Counselor of the homeschooling course.

Welcome Homeschooling Scientists!

Welcome back to a new year of learning! 

This year we are going to study the physical makeup of living things.  We will focus on the different systems that work together to keep us and other animals alive such as the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems.  We'll also take a closer look at cells and specific organs as well.  This year we'll be asking lots of questions.  How does the heart pump so much blood?  How does the nervous system use electricity to cause your muscles to move?  How do our bodies filter out waste?  Then, we'll dig deep into scientific experimentation and thoughtful analysis until we find answers to our questions.  Biology is a wonderful science that you can use to pursue a career in medicine, physical therapy, husbandry, or dozens of other careers.   

Good luck to you, and may the knowledge you gain never outstrip your inherent curiosity and thirst for learning. 

The Science Team

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Goals & Objectives

This year we'll be exploring living things with the naked eye and taking a closer look at microscopic worlds as well.  We'll cover the basic functional systems of living creatures, introduce students to genetics and DNA, and learn all about what keeps you and me alive.  You'll look at living things with a new perspective upon completion of this course. 


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