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Private Online School, The Cambridge Academy, is Antidote to the Failing Cyber Charter Schools

The Cambridge Academy Inc. announced the launch of its PreK-12 online homeschooling academy.  The Cambridge Academy is a private cyber school that enables families to enroll in courses through the internet.  The Cambridge Academy’s advanced multimedia curriculum is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and provides professional teacher assistance on weekdays.  Karlie Houser hopes that a service like this will spread awareness that public school isn’t the only option.

 “Learning can happen everywhere, not just in a classroom,” says Karlie Houser. “The Cambridge Academy’s students will be equipped to think creatively in every setting.  It is a place where accelerated learners and those who need extra help from our teachers can learn and grow according to their unique learning style.”

The homeschooling movement grew out of a desire to escape the lack of values and poor academic quality of the public school.  Homeschoolers cite a wide variety of reasons for leaving such as bullying, peer pressure, irresponsible teachers, an overall lack of family values, and the growing threat of school violence.  Public cyber-charter schools were developed to bring homeschoolers back into the fold.  Karlie Houser is quick to point out that The Cambridge Academy is not a public charter school program. 

“Charter schools still use the same poor-quality curriculum, outdated learning methods, and unnecessary red-tape that can be found in public schools.  The Cambridge Academy is a private alternative for parents who wish to provide their children with something better,” says Karlie Houser.  “We understand that there are a lot of parents out there who would love to enroll their children in a prestigious private school, but are unable to afford the high cost of tuition.  The Cambridge Academy is a perfect solution because we are able to offer a quality academic experience while keeping tuition at an affordable level.  Essentially, we are bringing private school to the masses.”
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